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World of Warcraft 2.1.0 go live!

The 2.1.0 has go live since 22 May, but there are problems on some realms, making players unable to play right after the patch.

Not to worry, the Blizzard guys are fixing it and all we have to do is wait.

2.1.0 is the most comprehensive single patch released by Blizzard so far. You can expect the patch note to be as long as a thesis (not that long, actually).

Main features of the patch includes the opening of Black Temple, a 25-man raid, which you will face the mighty Illidan as one of the boss. New factions such as Orgi’la, enable Level 70 players to quests and grinding for more rep. Netherdrake quests are available for you to complete, to get the ultimate prize of a epic flying netherdrake mount.

For more information of the 2.1.0 patch, you can proceed to the patch note at World of Warcraft website. It is really too long for me to place it in as an entry.


Breaking News: Starcraft II announced!

Blizzard announced the next release to its popular game catalog, Starcraft II, in Seoul today.

The prequel, Starcraft, is a massively popular Real-time Strategy game, which is part of the World Cyber Games competition.

If you have been visiting Blizzard official websites, you will notice that they are lining up their previous games in a time line. Today on the front page, of the web site, you see “Hell, it’s about time”. We have been waiting for the sequel to Starcraft, and here it is!

The Starcraft II website, is the superb designed web site, please do visit it.

Starcraft II featured the 3 original races from Starcraft, the Zerg, Protoss and Terran. It will feature a new graphics engine, but possibly better than World of Warcraft and Warcraft III. It also featured for online multiplayer games and not forgetting the World Editor which makes custom maps.

Well, this game will take months to release. At least we have something to look forward to. Cheers!

Blizzard to announce new game on 19 May!

Yes! The long await game from Blizzard is coming. There are several discussi0ns on the net about this upcoming game. Speculations about this new game are hot in gaming forums and game sites. People are thinking whether it is a new MMO, or a RTS. No to FPS, after the failure to launch Starcraft:Ghost by Blizzard.

Projected titles include Diablo III (RPG), Starcraft II (RTS), World of Starcraft (MMORPG), World of Diablo (MMORPG).

As Blizzard has been posting on their website on job vacancy for next-gen MMO, this upcoming game may be a MMO, to compete with the popular World of Warcraft.

Well, we have to wait till 19 May for Blizzard to announce the game. Till then.