Blizzard to announce new game on 19 May!

Yes! The long await game from Blizzard is coming. There are several discussi0ns on the net about this upcoming game. Speculations about this new game are hot in gaming forums and game sites. People are thinking whether it is a new MMO, or a RTS. No to FPS, after the failure to launch Starcraft:Ghost by Blizzard.

Projected titles include Diablo III (RPG), Starcraft II (RTS), World of Starcraft (MMORPG), World of Diablo (MMORPG).

As Blizzard has been posting on their website on job vacancy for next-gen MMO, this upcoming game may be a MMO, to compete with the popular World of Warcraft.

Well, we have to wait till 19 May for Blizzard to announce the game. Till then.


3 thoughts on “Blizzard to announce new game on 19 May!

  1. lundfoci

    People often get mixed up with the term “MMO” and “MMORPG”. Though the term was indeed interchangeable in the past.

    With a new breed of MMOs in the context of MMORTS, MMOFPS, etc, the term “MMO” now covers a wider spectrum of online game genres.

    Having said that, Starcraft as a MMORPG is unlikely, but my intuition says it’s a MMORTS by nature.

    Just my 2 cents


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