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World of Warcraft 2.1.0 go live!

The 2.1.0 has go live since 22 May, but there are problems on some realms, making players unable to play right after the patch.

Not to worry, the Blizzard guys are fixing it and all we have to do is wait.

2.1.0 is the most comprehensive single patch released by Blizzard so far. You can expect the patch note to be as long as a thesis (not that long, actually).

Main features of the patch includes the opening of Black Temple, a 25-man raid, which you will face the mighty Illidan as one of the boss. New factions such as Orgi’la, enable Level 70 players to quests and grinding for more rep. Netherdrake quests are available for you to complete, to get the ultimate prize of a epic flying netherdrake mount.

For more information of the 2.1.0 patch, you can proceed to the patch note at World of Warcraft website. It is really too long for me to place it in as an entry.


Football Manager 2007 7.0.2 patch

SI Games has released the version 7.0.2 patch for the popular Football Manager 2007. This patch is saved game compatible as written on the SI website.

This is a brief change log of this patch.


– Fixed bug where Australian youth player was being given English nationality only and thus not being eligible to play as he had no work permit.
– Fixed bug with player fines not getting processed properly at various times in the season.
– Fixed bug where lots of virtual players were added for a team.
– Fixed future human manager transfer bug – some data wasn’t being updated properly in some situations.
– Fixed humans being offered countless players by German and Spanish teams in particular
– Fixed bug when training and youth facilities are upgraded simultaneously, only training facilities would actually upgrade.
– Fixed bug where teams who have already accepted friendlies for a tour accept again when a replacement team is picked.
– Fixed bug where sometimes fixtures would be played at the old stadium when a team moves to a new stadium.
– Fixed stadium expansion bug where seats were sometimes being added immediately after the expansion is announced.
– Fixed bug where national team managers were not sent news sometimes about players being injured when playing for the national team.
– Fixed bug where blank entries were shown in players history when they had not made any appearances.
– Confederations Cup now takes place in host country of next World Cup.
– International friendly instructions now cleared down after matches.
– When scout assignments are removed, the user can now re-assign to the same nation/region without having to leave the screen and come back.
– Fixed a crash in a scout report news item.
– Fixed a crash which would sometimes occur when playing a friendly competition which clashes with other matches.
– Fixed issues where some sweepers would have no DC ability
– Fixed a transfer promotion clause crash caused by edited data.
– Teams which are promoted from lower divisions without a stadium get one generated.
– Fixed crash when retiring an unemployed manager
– Fixed a rare crash when arranging a friendly match.
– Fixed a crash when calling up multiple players to a national pool.
– Fixed a crash which might occur if a human manager builds up a squad of over 200 players.
– When a player on loan is transferred to a third team, his stats are now cleared down properly.
– Fixed a manager being fired unreasonably in finish league due to some teams having a next division set as a lower division
– Fixed a game freeze when going to a scout’s list of scouted players.

You can download the patch from the following locations:

SI website

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Company of Heroes 1.5 patch released

This latest patch to the Game of the Year, Company of Heroes, need the version 1.40 patch to work. So make sure you download the version 1.40 patch before applying this incremental patch.

This new patch features 2 new maps and a number of balances and tweaks to enhance your commanding experience of your troops and forces in CoH.

Here is the change log for this new patch. 

New Maps
2p_Beaux Lowlands

General Fixes
– Games with friends now have a friend icon displayed when browsing the lobby
game list.
– Messages regarding game connection attempts are logged to the chat window for
all players in the session.
– Rank icons now indicate the type of game the rank was earned in.
– Games with players who have infinite pings now display an “X” for ping in the
lobby game list.
– New game list filtering options added to the online lobby.
– Custom maps are now properly supported in multiplayer.
– Losing connection with the lobby while downloading a patch no longer crashes
the game.

– UI sounds have been added to the online lobby.
– Auto match sound notification has been improved.
– Various speech fixes for weapons have been implemented and tuned.
– Destruction sounds have been added to various world objects.
– Repetition has been reduced in battle chatter and with various units.

Sherman Calliope:
– Sherman Calliope’s main tank gun has been removed and the Calliope Barrage
ability is now free to use.
– Sherman Calliope Barrage range increased from 130 to 150 meters.
– Sherman Calliope now has cap of 2, similar to the Pershing Heavy Tank.
– Sherman Calliope cost reduced from 600 Manpower to 560 Manpower.
– Sherman Calliope Barrage ability recharge timer increased to 105 seconds
M10 Tank Destroyer:
– Allied M10 Movement improved: 15% increase to acceleration and 10% increase
rotation rate.
– Allied M10 Tank Destroyer weapon damage has been increased and Fuel cost has
been reduced by 5.
– Axis Armoured Car (Puma) 20mm main cannon rear penetration vs. the Allied M10
significantly reduced.
M8 Armored Car:
– Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy on the move increased. Now on par with the
M4 Sherman and M10 Tank Destroyer.
– Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy penalties vs. the Axis Armored Car (Puma)
have been removed.
– Allied M8 Armored Car Armor upgrade Munitions cost reduced by 25.
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank:
– Allied Pershing penetration rate vs. the Stug increased to 80%.
– Axis Stug penetration rate vs. the Pershing has been reduced to 45% from
Allied Commander Tree Improvements:
– Armoured Fury Branch changed to: Raid to Allied War Machine to Calliope.
– War Machine Branch changed to: Fast Deployment to Field Repairs to Pershing.
– Allied War Machine Command Point Cost reduced by 1
– Sherman Calliope Command Point Cost reduced by 1
Infantry AT weapon changes (Allies and Axis):
– All Infantry Anti-Tank weaponry (Bazooka, Recoilless Rifle, Panzerschreck)
are slightly more accurate when firing at moving light targets.
– Allied Bazookas and Recoilless Rifles now deal slightly more damage to Light
– Panzerfaust accuracy against infantry targets has been reduced as intended.
While there is still a chance to directly hit and kill targets like snipers, –
Panzerfausts are now more likely to cause splash damage rather than kill
– Panzerschreck Damage vs. base buildings lowered by 25%.
– Bazooka damage vs. base buildings has been lowered by 25%.
Allied BAR and suppression changes:
– Allied BAR Rifle upgrade now gives 2 BAR Rifles rather than 3. Allied BAR
Riflemen squads will now be able to pick-up MG42 and Panzerschreck items
– Allied BAR Rifle damage increased by 40%.
– Allied BAR Rifle will take slightly longer to Pin units that are in a
Suppressed state
– Allied BAR Suppression ability can no longer suppress and pin units in heavy
Construction Changes:
– Players may no longer delete Sand Bags or Tank Traps.
– Allied Observation Post built from Riflemen now has the same build speed as
the Observation Post built by Engineers.
– Allied Observation Posts, Axis Observation Posts, and Machine Gun Nests now
have the appropriate target type while building; now like all other buildings
they will be much more susceptible to damage while under construction
– Axis Volksgrenadiers can now utilize the same build menu as the Grenadiers –
this allows them to construct Barbed Wire and Sand Bags.
Smoke Changes:
– All Barrage weapons no longer have a 50% chance to miss targets in Smoke.
– Projectiles will no longer pass directly through Sherman’s on registered
“Misses” – they will now behave like all other tanks and those hits will be
registered as a non-penetrated “deflection”.
– Sherman smoke launcher recharge rate was less than the duration of the
ability, now set to 45 seconds
Axis Officer:
– Axis ‘Leutnant’ Manpower cost decreased to 260 from 340
– Axis ‘Leutnant’ Build Time increased to 60 from 30.
General Squad and Weapon Changes (Allies and Axis):
– All Snipers more effective against units garrisoned inside of bunkers.
– All Allied Rifles slightly more effective against Axis Motorcycles
– Allied Engineers with the Flamethrower upgrade are no longer resistant to
Sniper Shots
– Fixed an issue where the Stug’s main gun Area-of-Effect was too effective
against infantry squads.
– Axis Assault ability will now break pinning/suppression and prevent
pinning/suppression while the ability is active.
– Increased Axis Infantry passive health regeneration bonus received from their
first level of veterancy by 40%.
General Vehicle Changes (Allies and Axis):
– Panzer IV accuracy while moving set to the same value as other tanks.
– Axis Goliaths now destroy Tank Traps in a single explosion.
– Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Cannon upgrade now requires Escalate to Battle
Phase upgrade.
– Axis Motorcycles damage vs. units in light or heavy cover has been slightly
– Axis StuH 42 now effectively kills infantry as was originally intended
– Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Upgrade accuracy reduced vs. infantry. It is
intended as an anti-armor upgrade.
General Heavy Weapon Team Changes (Allies and Axis):
– All Mortars now have a chance to deal Mobility Damage if they hit Light
– All Anti-Tank guns are now more accurate when firing at moving and stationary
Light Vehicles.
– Allied 57mm Anti-Tank gun firing cone has been increased by 20 degrees to
match Axis 50mm Anti-Tank gun.
– Allied HMG Armor Piercing Rounds ability price reduced from 50 to 35
– Allied Howitzer Gun Barrage is less accurate when firing into the Fog of
– Axis Nebelwerfer Manpower cost has been reduced by 20
– Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket Suppression area of effect increased.
– Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket area of effect damaged reduced. Direct hits and near
misses will still damage infantry units.
– Axis Nebelwerfer will deal a reduced amount of damage to units in light,
heavy, bunker, and garrison cover types.
– Axis Flak 88’s are more resilient to Artillery, off-map attacks, and satchel
charges (the crew manning them is not).
– Axis Flak 88’s and Nebelwerfers can now be re-manned by 2-man Pioneer squads.

You can download the patch from the following locations


Warcraft III RoC & FT 1.21 patch released.

It has been a long time since Blizzard released patch for the all-time popular real time strategy game, Warcraft III. On recent days, Defense of the Ancient (DotA) has been a highly popular Warcraft III custom map, or so called mod. I wondering if there will be some bugs and minor problem to DotA when this new patch is in used. So far, it did have some minor glitches for previous patches. Awaiting for the new version of DotA.

This version mainly address problems encounter new classes of computers, namely the Intel-based Apple PC, the dual core PCs. And a new command that allows you to see your frame rate by typing /fps to the chat command. Cool! Check it out guys.

Here is the change log for version 1.21.


– The game now runs natively on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs.
– Player can now view frames per second using the “/fps” chat command.


– Fixed a timing problem with the game on PCs with dual-core CPUs.
– Fixed a crash that could occur with the Frost Breath ability.
– Fixed a crash that could happen in multiplayer games.
– Fixed an exploit that could happen in multiplayer games.

Important Note on Patching for Mac Players: The file layout inside the
game folder is changed significantly by Patch 1.21. As a result, in order
to be able to install the Frozen Throne expansion from CD, you must
install Reign of Chaos first, then install Frozen Throne from CD, and then
patch to version 1.21, in that order. If you patch to v1.21 and then
attempt to install Frozen Throne after that, it will not install


– New maps:
– (2)SecretValley
– (6)BomberCommand
– (4)LostTemple (RoC)
– The 4 Forest Troll Berserkers by the natural expansions now drop Level
2 Permanent instead of Level 2 Charged items
– (4)TurtleRock
– The 4 Ogre Warriors along the outer pathways now drop Level 2
Permanent instead of Level 2 Charged items
– (6)GnollWood
– The 4 Gnoll Brutes by the central Item Shops now drop Level 2
Permanent instead of Level 2 Charged items

You can download the patch by logging on to the Battle.Net or you can download from the links below. I will recommend you to use the Battle.Net, because it is fast and easy.

Warcraft III : RoC 1.21a patch


Warcraft III : FT 1.21a patch

World of Warcraft 2.0.6 patch released

Since the release of Burning Crusade, patches have been releasing quite often by Blizzard. This patch does mainly on balancing on the different classes.

Hrere is the patch change log:

–  “Silencing Shot” now does only 50% of weapon damage instead of 75%.
–  The base damage for “Arcane Shot” has been reduced by about 9% and
the bonus damage from ranged attack power reduced from 20% to 15%.
–  The bonus damage for “Barrage” is now 4/8/12% for ranks 1/2/3.
–  The bonus damage for “Improved Barrage” is now 4/8/12% for ranks

–  Each rank of “Improved Fireball” now reduces your spell damage
coefficient by 2%.
–  Each rank of “Improved Frostbolt” now reduces your spell damage
coefficient by 2%.
–  “Counterspell” no longer triggers the global cooldown.
–  “Mana Shield” now absorbs magical damage as well as physical damage.

–  The bonus coefficient for “Shadow Word: Pain” has been reduced by
about 9%.  This should result in about 5% less damage done by
“Shadow Word: Pain” for the typical priest.

Bug Fixes
–  The “Frozen Shadoweave Boots” will now properly increase shadow
–  Players will no longer lose control of their character if they try
to talk to an NPC while mobs are aggro on them.
–  The /equip command will now work on pieces of gear that are not in
your primary bag.
–  Fixed an issue that was causing some players to disconnect in
Hellfire Citadel:Blood Furnace.
–  The “Corruptor” 4 piece set bonus will now be properly applied.
–  The Legion Fel Cannons at Forge Camp Anger in Blades Edge will now
properly spawn above ground.
–  The Arena queue tooltip will now show the arena that the player is
queued for.
–  Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect if they tried
to socket a gem that had been gift wrapped.
–  Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect forming a
party with other members in the same area.
–  Pet icons will now properly update in the Stables window.
–  Improved the robustness of the pet action bar display. It is now
less likely to be accidentally blocked by addons.
–  Players will no longer hear the gong sound repeated after initially joining
a queue for the battlegrounds.
–  Having a group invite declined while queued via “Looking for More”
will no longer remove you from the queue.
–  Nethershards will no longer cost honor to purchase but will cost
gold instead.
–  Players will no longer be given access to both quest lines following
the Declaration of Allegiance to the Scryers or Aldor in Shattrath

You can download the patch from the links below (US version):


Please note that these are incremental patches, for version 2.0.5 to version 2.0.6. Full patch has not been released.

Just download it and explore the Outland!

World of Warcraft v2.0.5 patch released

For those who are still in dreamland, it’s time to go to the Outland. Burning Crusade is here and the new version of WoW is here too.

Version 2.0.5, the third patch that was released in the weeks before the release of Burning Crusade.

Here is the change log for version 2.0.5.

–  Increased the maximum number of realms that can be listed in the Realm List.
–  Updated the Terms of Use.
–  Created an option to disable UI Acceleration for users of select video cards
experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface. To use this option,
enter the following line to the file, located in the WTF
subfolder of the game:

Set UIFaster “x”

Where x equals:
0 – This turns off all UI acceleration
1 – For Internal Use Only – DO NOT USE!
2 – Enables partial UI acceleration only.
3 – Enables all UI acceleration.

Set UIFaster “2”

Note:  For users experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface,
it is recommended to try option 2 in order to correct the problem.  If
this does not solve the issue, then use option 0 to disable all UI

This patch focuses mainly on the UI (User Interface) of the game.

Version 2.0.4, which was released days before version 2.0.5, addresses different issues.

Change log for version 2.0.4.

–  Fixed a bug where flags in Arathi Basin could be captured at extremely long
–  Fixed a bug where players who had set dungeons to Heroic difficulty level
previous to patch 2.0.3 could no longer enter instances.
–  Fixed a bug that was causing multiple LUA errors in the German and French
–  Fixed a bug that was causing the promotion of raid members to yield
incorrect results.
–  Fixed a bug where NPC faction changes were not properly affecting quest-
giver exclamation marks.
–  Fixed a bug where changing party options would briefly cause erroneous
information to be displayed in the party options menu.

You can download the version 2.0.5 incremental patch (from version 2.0.3) from the following web sites.


World of Warcraft v2.0.3 patch released

6 days before the opening of the dark portal that allows you, to enter the mysterious Outland, for more adventures in theWorld of Warcraft Collectors’ Edition. world of Warcraft.

Version 2.0.3 is the last patch before the storm arrives for Burning Crusade. Burning Crusade is the first expansion of the world’s most popular and most populated MMORPG, World of Warcraft. This new patch will open up new skills, quests, races, professions, monsters and items for the expansion.

In order to enjoy the features of the expansion, you need the expansion. Else, you can forget about levelling up to level 70 and the 2 new races, Draenei and Blood Mage. So you just need to buy the expansion for once, no additional fee, except your normal monthly subscription.

Let’s get our energy ready to burn for the Burning Crusade!

You can download the patch from FileFront or Fileplanet. You can download through the Blizzard Downloader too.

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