Football Manager 2007 Staffs

Staffs in Football Manager are the background heroes of the club, they are mainly the assistant manager, coaches, physiotherapists and scouts. They are often not mentioned widely by many FM fans, but they are essential to your club’s success too. Training your players, treating their injuries and looking for new players are their jobs. As they are important to your club, I going to compile this staffs’ list so that all of you can take a good look at them.

Assistant Managers

-to be updated-


Brendan Veneables (England)
Matt Wood (England)
Ian Collins (England)
John McKenzie (England)


-to be updated-


-to be updated-

Updated on: 21 December 2006


7 thoughts on “Football Manager 2007 Staffs

  1. Dareen

    Chric Hitching(not sure about his name) of Wigan’s assistant manager is kind of great signing for assist role. But only for premiership clubs.

  2. Thomas

    I got Darren Anderton, Dion Dublin, Trevor Sinclair and Teddy Sherringham (all retired 2008) for League One side AFC Bournemouth. They are all quality players and the coaching attributes reflect that.


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