PlayStation Portable 2?

Gizmodo has posted some leaked information of Sony PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2). It’s cool. PlayStation Poratble (PSP) has been around for more than a year. Is it time for a new portable device? Well, if it is a yes, there will be some concerns regarding this new PSP2

  1. Will the new device be back-compatible with the PSP games?
  2. Will it still support the UMD format?
  3. Will Sony Memory Stick M2 replace the Memory Stick Pro Duo?
  4. Does the new PSP2 have a internal flash drive or hard disk built-in?
  5. Will it support IP calls, like Skype?

The new PSP2 is codenamed Cobalt. Nice name.

Here is some of the features listed by Gizmodo.

• All Metal & Ruggedized Rubber Build
• 200% Brighter Screen
• Dual Analog Controllers
• Visual Battery Display
• 8GB Flash Drive
• Wifi (a,b,g)
• Bluetooth V.2 (A2DP, AVRCP)
• Firmware 4.0

This is the picture taken for Gizmodo.

PlayStation Portable 2

Erm, not exactly that attractive as compared to the the current PSP. Maybe this is just some concept designs for the new PSP2. And some of the features have answered the concerns, however, there is a need for more details to be available in order for the gamers to make their decision on jumping to the new console.

And wait, the revealation of iPhone from Apple at the MacWorld Conference has sparked interests all over the world, including me. Will PSP2 match up to compete with Apple’s iPhone? We will see.


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