World of Warcraft v2.0.5 patch released

For those who are still in dreamland, it’s time to go to the Outland. Burning Crusade is here and the new version of WoW is here too.

Version 2.0.5, the third patch that was released in the weeks before the release of Burning Crusade.

Here is the change log for version 2.0.5.

–  Increased the maximum number of realms that can be listed in the Realm List.
–  Updated the Terms of Use.
–  Created an option to disable UI Acceleration for users of select video cards
experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface. To use this option,
enter the following line to the file, located in the WTF
subfolder of the game:

Set UIFaster “x”

Where x equals:
0 – This turns off all UI acceleration
1 – For Internal Use Only – DO NOT USE!
2 – Enables partial UI acceleration only.
3 – Enables all UI acceleration.

Set UIFaster “2”

Note:  For users experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface,
it is recommended to try option 2 in order to correct the problem.  If
this does not solve the issue, then use option 0 to disable all UI

This patch focuses mainly on the UI (User Interface) of the game.

Version 2.0.4, which was released days before version 2.0.5, addresses different issues.

Change log for version 2.0.4.

–  Fixed a bug where flags in Arathi Basin could be captured at extremely long
–  Fixed a bug where players who had set dungeons to Heroic difficulty level
previous to patch 2.0.3 could no longer enter instances.
–  Fixed a bug that was causing multiple LUA errors in the German and French
–  Fixed a bug that was causing the promotion of raid members to yield
incorrect results.
–  Fixed a bug where NPC faction changes were not properly affecting quest-
giver exclamation marks.
–  Fixed a bug where changing party options would briefly cause erroneous
information to be displayed in the party options menu.

You can download the version 2.0.5 incremental patch (from version 2.0.3) from the following web sites.



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