Football Manager 2007 Genie Scout

This is a very good program that allows you to discover the hidden talents and potential stars in your FM2007 game. Genie Scout is done by a Ukranian, Eugene Tarabanovskyi. It is based on the old CM scout program by Michael Nygreen.

This Genie Scout program allows you to find players based on his potential and current abilities rating. In this way, you can find out the uncovered stars hidden in some places where your eyes doesn’t even place a look on. You can also see the position rating for players, to see which position best suit the player and for your club. You can also see estimated price of the players, so you do not have to do guessing game and testing in order to get the best price for a particular player.

Here is the screenshot for the Genie Scout.

FM genie scout screenshot

You can check out this site for more information of this program.

Some of you may think that this is considered cheating in FM, because in order to find good players, you have to send your scouts and find players on your own, in order to experience the real-life football management game. But well, it is only a game.


14 thoughts on “Football Manager 2007 Genie Scout

  1. sebastian nash ankrah

    Hi Micheal,
    My name is sebastian nash ankrah,i come from Ghana.Basically i am a footballer,i played second division amd first division in Ghana.At the moment i end my season with my football club and looking forward to play in eorupe.I am very good defender and midfielder as well.My age is 21,height 6ft and weight 76kg.I am looking for football club to sign.Best regards,Sebastian

  2. shola

    Good day.
    I am okunola sanni farinde..i am player in the game of soccer and i am currently playing soccer for a local football club here in Nigeria.

    I will like to play for a soccer club in scout genie.I will also appreciate it if I can come for a tryout in scout genie

    I want Any soccer club in Bahrain to contact me as soon as possible.



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