Medieval 2: Total War v1.1 Patch released

Medieval 2: Total War has new patch. The historic real time strategy game, where you commands your hordes of cavaliers and spearsmen into war.

You can download the patch from Filefront and Fileplanet.

The new patch features fixes and game balances. Here is the changelog.

Major Fixes

-Fix crash in Deathtrack MP map with empty Team 3 slot
-Fixed Battle AI – armies not engaging enemies at close range.
-Fixed CTD when client attempts to join game that the host is ending.
-Fixed instances when A.I is passive on the campaign map and lets the user win
on a campaign battle when stuck in-front of open gates.
-Fixed loop between the windows for ‘Possible Connection Problems’ and ‘Really
-Fixed AI: Calvary not charging a spearmen army in a Custom Battle.
-Fixed cavalry not attacking – instances when AI sieges a town with infantry
and Calvary, if the infantry die and rout and the player still holds the city,
the cavalry do not attack nor rout.
-Fixed passive Siege Attack AI
-Fixed Timurids crash (related to elephant artillery not having enough riders,
CTD when trying to shoot)
-Fixed Siege Attack AI trying to attack the back of settlements.
-Fixed Passive attack AI
-Fixed Cavalry charge consistency and power. (Still raise and lower lances
Added ModTool Unpacker
-Fixed Crash – Auto resolving a siege battle on Gaza and repeatedly Right –
Clicking the settlement
-Fixed Merchant Resource value dropping after load/save
-Fixed CTD caused by Turks AI
-Fixed Cavalry not flanking spear walls
-Fixed AI not crossing river to attack (River Jordan)
-Reduced the effect of morale – enemy AI does not rout so easily
-Reduced the power of inquisitors
-Fixed ‘move to point’ crash
-MP Multinational support
-Fixed Cavalry sallying out and not attacking (bunching at corner of

Medium Level Fixes

-Fix construction crash when converting settlements when buildings relating to
initial settlement existed in construction queue.
-Fixed Settlement still showing as under siege even though sieging army had
been defeated.
-Fixed repeating missions
-Fixed indecisive infantry / broken formation (when ordered to a location they
would head in the wrong direction first)
-Fixed being able to open gates with siege towers or embed them in walls
-Fixed victory video not always appearing
-Diplomacy – AI no longer counters an open proposition with a gift.
-Fixed deployment lines being rendered incorrectly around ambient buildings
-Fixed Enemy units remain stationary with flags flashing when ladders are
thrown off a destroyed wall in a siege.
-Fixed the carroccio standard not fitting through gates
-Fixed gunpowder units being stuck reforming
-Fixed trebuchets disappearing and reappearing when zooming
-Tweaked morale system
-Partially fixed units moving through settlement buildings.
-Units now check if destination is in a building or not.
-Enabled command-line switch to allow unlimited soldiers (removes message)
-Fixed MP player-names being lost on battle results screen if they quit the
battle early
-Fixed the ability for a user to ‘buff’ their assassin experience by
continually assassinating different captains

Other Fixes

-Fix difficulty level in MP (Affects Morale). Previously defaulting to Normal.
-Fix lobby tooltip that showed incorrect unit sizes.
-Fix Florins display during diplomacy
-Fix Money field looping into negative/positive value when removing / adding
-Fix overlapping and incorrectly sized deployment zones
-Fixed cut-off graphics in civil disorder message
-Fixed unclear ‘Start Diplomacy’ button functionality
-Fixed MP Admit Defeat button functionality
-Fixed missions showing as expired even though they have been completed
-Fixed mouse-overs showing incorrect diplomatic information
-Fixed minor FE Historical Battle error (shield remaining highlighted)
-Fixed MP team chat – colours now match recipient and sender.
-Fixed minor audio issue – Audio: Campaign Map when an English Spy is ordered
to join an English army he triggers two “Joins_Army” speeches.
-Fixed minor audio issue – Campaign Map when an English Merchant is ordered to
disembark a boat, two “Movement_Disembark” speeches are triggered.
-Fixed Mine income
-Fixed MP ignore/ban toggle permanently banning player from chat
-Fixed – Making an offer gives a blank scroll on the Diplomacy Scroll, but
removing the offer gives the player help text
-Fixed Mouse Cursor not updating when over certain parts of the UI.
-Fixed miscalculation of some naval unit movement points.
-Fixed units not leaving an army when ordered to abandon it.
-Fixed ‘Possible Connection Problems’ message not appearing if user alt-tabs
-Fixed On campaign map, castles appear under ‘town’ or ‘city’ title on UI
-Fixed Reinforcements box remains greyed when the user deselects ‘Attempt a
night battle’
-Fixed double speed on units that should only go at one speed.
-Fixed Stakes not appearing correctly in weather conditions
-Fixed non-functional help button on ransom scrolls
-Fixed intro movies playing at x3 speed in Historical battles
-Fixed transfer army functionality – When transferring men the transfer resets
after viewing the description
-Fixed Gunpowder units running forward when given targets.
-Fixed clumping units when they are told to do a 180 degree turn
-Fixed stuck Camera issues
-Fixed Fleeing units rallying at breached walls or gates of settlements they
are attacking when they should not


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