Company of Heroes v1.40 released

Relic has released version 1.40 patch for Company of Heroes. This patch is expected to release soon after 1.30 patch in order to fix a tank trap bug for version 1.30.

Below is the changelog for version 1.40.

General Fixes

* Both Ranked and Custom games now support random starting locations.
* The in-game server status URL now points to
* Fixed a bug pertaining to unranked matches counting as Ranked matches.
* New performance and lag indicators have been added to the Online UI.
* A new loading screen has been added which incorporates player names, ranks and loading bars.


* Light Vehicles can no longer be blocked by Allied Barbed Wire and Sand Bags
* Light and Medium Vehicles can no longer crush Axis Tank Traps.
* Fixed bug where Allied*AT Guns could destroy Axis Flak 88s in a single registered hit, regardless of the Flak 88’s health.
* Fixed issue where unfinished defensive structures had 100% health. Also,*Now all unfinished defensive structures take much more damage from all weapons.
* Fixed bug where the Axis Halftrack Flammenwerfer upgrade cost fuel. This was an attribute data error.
* Allied and Axis Snipers can once again kill each other with single registered hits.
* Improved Sherman Crocodile damage against infantry units not in cover

You can download the patch from the following website.

Incremental Update (1.30 to 1.40)

Incremental Update (1.20 to 1.40)

Full Patch


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