Halo 3 beta

Halo 3

This is the screenshot for the upcoming 60 seconds Halo 3 ad which will be airing on Monday, 4 December, during Monday Night Football at ESPN. This is an awesome screenshot, it has become my wallpaper. The filename of this picture is also interesting. It is named as “ineedaweapon”, directly downloaded from Bungie.net. Cool name, cool Master Chief.

By the way, the CG was created by Hollywood FX house, Digital Domain, with assets from Bungie.

This ad announcement come with the announcement on the beta of Halo 3 worldwide. Yes, worldwide. By the disappointing part is, it will not start until Spring 2007. Somehow, this a bucket of water that just poured onto the fans of Master Chief and Halo. However, the registration for the beta will start on 4 December, for the America. As for other continents, no news yet, but keep your ears and eyes open for it.

As for the 60 seconds ad, those who do not have the cable tv, you can download form Xbox Live Marketplace or Xbox website after the airing of the ad on Monday, according to Bungie.

Halo 3, the second sequel to the popular Xbox game, Halo, is going to be released next year exclusively for Xbox 360. You can check out the release date of the game from the Game Release Date page.


4 thoughts on “Halo 3 beta

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  2. HOOKEM10

    The Halo 3 trailer is awsome! I just saw it on MNF tonight. I think that little kid is Master Cheif as a kid and he’s reverting back to his past where he thinks about aliens and now there actually here and he’s fighting them.


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