Final Fantasy XII

Last Final Fantasy sequel in PS2, Final Fantasy XII still boosts strong characters and graphics.

Final Fantasy XII for PS2

The voice overs, whether it is the English or the Japanese are great. There goes the “Haha” that fills with ambigious meaning (sarcastic or real?). The in game graphics engine is as awesome as the CGI scenes. The transition is unnoticeable, and sometimes you might just admire the graphics with your jaws drop.

FFXII comes with the real time battle system, that means that you will no longer bumps onto random encounters and battle on. In FFXII, you can see your enemies while you are exploring around. Now you can avoid your enemies as and when you want or flank them hard. However, you will not see gigantic size monster appearing in front of you. The new introduction, Gambits are sets of instructions for the player’s AI party. It offers more powerful and alternatives to play the game with the real time system. Gambits are earned through each stages of the game, there will be better Gambits that will definitely help you out while you think, for example, heal dying allies first.

FFXII introduces a new skills system, called License. The new system replaced the FFX’s Sphere Grid System. This new system requires players to buy licenses to use items, spells or weapons. The downside of it, players have to rely on FAQs and mind games in order to buy the best licenses because the range of licenses revealed to the players are limited until you open some to reveal to the others.

FFXII will still be a great game. PS2 fans do not need to ditch their PS2 now for the soon to release PS3. Gamespot rated FFXII 9.0. The FAQ is available in GameFAQs.


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