DotA Allstars 6.38 / 6.38b AI

I have found DotA Allstars 6.38 and 6.38b AI on the web. The filename end with Adam79, so I presume that this AI map is made by him. Thanks Adam79 for the AI map, and please allow me to rename it to DotA Allstars 6.38 AI and DotA Allstars 6.38b AI respectively. *Updates, the link for 6.38b AI is updated to the new DotA Allstars 6.38b AI 1.03*
I have not tried out the map so I need you guys who are going to try it out to comment on these maps. Please kindly comment, thanks.

Here is the links.

DotA Allstars 6.38 AI (old version)
DotA Allstars 6.38b AI #1
DotA Allstars 6.38b AI #2 – by cloud_str
Offical DotA Allstars 6.38 AI v1.93b – recommended

Here is the changelog quoted from the official DotA forum for its release of 6.38b AI version

Changelog: 1.93 to 1.93b
– Few enchancements as always.

– New system to prevent bugs on “spreading” spells, e.g. Upheaval, Strygwyr’s Thirst, etc, along with the “killed himself” bug. I’ve been tested this, but found no further bug. Please report if you find one.
– New system on StealhAssassin and hiding Broodmother’s movement.
– New command for team-leaders: “-cauto”. This will turn on/off the team’s auto-changelane/ambush functions. Default is off.

– AI messaging is changed a bit. Faraway AI will now send grayed message.
– Using SuperAI as the only gamemode still gives players extra 175 gold.
– Gold in EM is now given in the exact same period as IceFrog’s.
– Words of “gangbang” are replaced by “ambush”. Read dictionary to know the reason smile.gif.
– AI’s “Negative” when changing lane and ambushing is now more detailed (reasons are added).

– KotL is disabled for AI to use.
– Changed AI exp. bonus percentage from 100/135/170 to 135/150/170 (easy/normal/insane)

– Fixed bug on -swaphero with AI.
– -swaphero by human’s -random is now possible to a -random AI.
– Fixed bug on -sp: human’s 6-slot Circle, pickable Disassembler, randomly spawned items in circle, ruined AI itembuild, etc.
– Fixed bug on -cd in -sp gamemode.
– -du is now fully applicable.
– Fixed bug on -mp for Scourge. Yeah, sorry. I rarely play on Scourge smile.gif.
– Fixed bug on auto-detonating human’s Remote Mines.

– “killed himself” issues (?).
– Aegis in DM, improper Vendetta and Fiend’s Grip.

– AI has increased (?) life and mana regen, and.. does that movespeed bug still exist? Nah, I didn’t do anything which lead this to happen, nor I have seen them. All seem normal to me. It might be somehow related to the AI difficulties. Adding codes to counter the problem? I’m afraid that this step may only lead to other bugs. So, try to bear with them. Consider it the balance for brain which they don’t have smile.gif.

– Refresher with Perseverence icon. Again, I didn’t do anything. And theoritically it is impossible, having Perseverence icon with full Refresher’s ability and description. Maybe it is WC3 engine glitch.

– The defending system (-cdef) sometimes fails. Until I fix this, if this happens, type -cai then -cdef.


38 thoughts on “DotA Allstars 6.38 / 6.38b AI

  1. DeaThwARd

    it was still to easy to defeat those AI’s cant you guys create one which is hard enough for me to be killed? thx

  2. Lord Lucifer

    Hahaa… I just gave only one thumbs up. The other one i’ll save untill those ai are hard enough to be killed.

  3. Marco.Gold

    Well AI is just 4 practice, i agree that AI can never be that good as a real player, but… there`s allways some PRO game on battle net…

  4. goez

    Thanks for everyone who has made dota AI Map. I hope in the future the AI will be better “with brutal AI player”.

  5. Puppeta

    Ai cant be like real player, you can beat the hell out of them whenever you like. Its for skill testing, training and having fun. Wish you all the best in your matches.

  6. doodaa

    hay guyz…
    wat do i need 2 do..
    i d/l dota 6.38 ai
    and it wont create the game wen i try 2 create it..
    wat do i do?
    ty ty much..

  7. nauthydaug

    Haha! those AI’s are not enoughe for me!!!
    those AI’s are just designed for fun! can you make it a little harder?!

  8. wadsupdawg

    make more difficult ones pls. Otherwise it’ll be too boring. i can just close one eye when playing with 5 insanes. =.=

  9. Intel (Easy)

    Please fix the Aghanim’s problem in -dm mode. It just affect the ultimate of hero who create the item. Next hero’s ultimate won’t affected.

  10. siamonone

    I really want a difficult AI map.
    All AI aren’t very easy but not very difficult.
    There is no taste.I really want a diffucult one


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