DotA 6.38 new hero

As you all know, there is a new hero is version 6.38. Many of you may have been waiting for the forgotten hero in the normal Warcraft III, the Priestess of the Moon.

In version 6.38, Priestess of the Moon, Mirana Nightshade, is the new hero in the tavern of the Sentinels. She is a agility hero, but somehow I think that she looks more like an intelligence hero. But she falls in the same category as Luna.

Calls down a wave of meteors to damage each nearby enemy. If enemy is farther than 600 range, it has a 60% chance to still hit him. One random enemy unit within 200 AOE will get hit again for half the damage.

  • Level 1 – 75 dmg per wave
  • Level 2 – 150 dmg per wave
  • Level 3 – 225 dmg per wave
  • Level 4 – 300 dmg per wave

Elune’s Arrow
Fires an arrow to a location with deadly precision, dealing large damage and stunning the first unit it strikes. Stun duration increases based on how far the target is ranging from 0.5 and 5 seconds.

  • Level 1 – Deals 90 dmg
  • Level 2 – Deals 180 dmg
  • Level 3 – Deals 270 dmg
  • Level 4 – Deals 360 dmg

Mirana’s wild Frostsaber leaps forward into battle, empowering allies with a ferocious roar upon landing. Movement and Attack Speed bonus last 10 seconds.

  • Level 1 – 400 range, 4% speed increase
  • Level 2 – 450 range, 8% speed increase
  • Level 3 – 500 range, 12% speed increase
  • Level 4 – 550 range, 16% speed increase

Moonlight Shadow
Turns Nightshade and all allied heroes invisible. If invisibility is broken, it gets restored after the fade during the shadow duration.

  • Level 1 – Lasts 7 secs, 2.5 secs fade time
  • Level 2 – Lasts 9 secs, 2 secs fade time
  • Level 3 – Lasts 11 secs, 1.5 secs fade time

3 thoughts on “DotA 6.38 new hero

  1. erwin

    i really like this character..
    coz it’s stuns your enemey at the same time you can use your starfall that gives more damage to your enemy..
    i liked to equipped a desolator on mirana coz it causes big damage… that’s all…


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