WoW : Burning Crusade delayed

The highly anticipated MMORPG expansion, the World of Warcraft – Burning Crusade, which was scheduled for November 2006 release, has been delayed to January next year (2007).

The delay, as mentioned in the article in Gamespot, is due to fine tuning of the expansion’s content, to allow the gamers to experience a better gameplay. While delays are not common in game releases, WoW – Burning Crusade will missed the Christmas season this year. Burning Crusade, currently under beta stage, several gaming websites have previews on this upcoming expansion.

  1. IGN
  2. Gamespy

The expansion features 2 new races, one in each respective factions. The Burning Crusade official website has more details on this 2 new races and features, such as the Looking for Group. Here is the summary of features of the new expansion.

  • Level cap increase to 70
  • New spells and talents for each class
  • 2 new playable races: Blood Elves and Draenei
  • New Continent: Outland
  • New monsters, quests, items and profession (Jewelcrafting).

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