Prey v1.2 patch released

This new Prey patch 4 new maps and 5 new multiplayer modes, and of course bug fixes. v1.2 is incompatible with v1.0 or v.1.1 in the network environment, therefore, v1.2 users are not able to see the games created by server with v1.0 or v1.1 due to the network protocol network bump.

Other bug fixes includes:
– Installer will now update uninstaller. This fixes the missing installer
– Game DLL interface bump for upcoming mod SDK release (so mods will only work
with v1.2)
– Fix for a weapon switch exploit

The new 5 multiplayer player models are as follow:

  1. Jen
  2. Becky
  3. Elhuit
  4. Mother
  5. Alien Hunter
  6. Elite Alien Hunter

Here is the new 4 Deathmatch maps. Description taken from the README file.
DM Gravity Lab: DMGravityLab takes place on board a floating extension of the
Sphere’s main Spindle. Players will find themselves running along wallwalk and
hanging catwalks all throughout the map. Snipers get to have fun this time
around with a large outdoor section complete with wallwalk platforms and
portals. Designed for 6 players.

DM Topillogical: The first Prey DM map to feature Outward Gravity. Run 360
degrees around the inside of a giant Sphere to get the best firing position on
your enemies. Intriguing side-rooms offer gravity-warping corridors and devious
wall-walk ammo depots. Fast-paced action for 4 players.

DM Tunnel Rat: Danger lurks in all directions but down in this maze-running map
designed for 6 players. Sharp twists and turns conceal danger at every corner,
but eyes up! A mirrored version of the maze forms the ceiling above you.

DM Space Oddity: DM Space Oddity is designed for 4 players and features a large
central crossover room with perpendicular gravity pathways. Rack up the kills by
dominating the crossover with a rocket launcher!

You can download the patch from the following websites:



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