Football Manager 2007 released

Football Manager 2007 (FM 2007) stated for its release on 20th October, has brought forward by SIGames to 18th October. Source.

FM 2007, a popular sequel to the famous FM 2005 and 2006, released today on 18 October. Football management fans will definitely like this new sequel, with a lot of new features added. This game is currently released for XBox 360 and PC platform. I believe the PSP FM 2007 will be releasing in months to come. Below is a short summary of features added to this new version of FM.

  • Feeders Club: Enable larger club to team up with smaller clubs to develop players
  • Manager Background: When you first make your manager, you will be able to customise your manager with certain backgrounds, such as ex-professional footballer

Review at IGN: Rating = 9.3/10

Here is the boxart for FM 2007.

Look like Jose Mourinho?


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