October Game releases

The month of October seems to be a good month for the gaming community, with quite a few good games coming out this month. Leading the pack will be the Final Fantasy sequel, Final Fantasy XII, followed by Battlefield 2142. \

Here is the list of games releasing in the month of October.

  1. Final Fantasy XII – 31 October
  2. Battlefield 2142 – 17 October
  3. Neverwinter Nights 2 – 31 October
  4. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade – 09 October
  5. Guild Wars Nightfall – 26 October
  6. Need For Speed Carbon – 31 October
  7. The Sims 2 Pets – 17 October
  8. FIFA 07 -03 October

Wow! This is a filling month… Especially at the end of the month. Keep your wallet for them.


One thought on “October Game releases

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