NBA 2K7 trailer

NBA 2K7 is going to release today. The new realistic NBA 2K7 has bring basketball to another level. Hurry and get yours.


One thought on “NBA 2K7 trailer

  1. Beau

    Why does anyone even watch the NBA? Whenever I watch a few minutes of a NBA game I have to change the channel b/c it is a joke. Most teams do not even play as a team. Nobody even plays defense. God forbid someone from going for the ball when someone drives the lane taking the ball to the hoop. There are too many head cases in the NBA. That explains why we always get beat when it counts in International games. I am too the point I cheer for whoever the USA is playing in basketball. Shoot I would cheer for Iraq over the US if we ever had to play them. Why do they call the NBA championship the World Championship? If we can't beat International teams with our allstars what makes you think a team that maybe has 2-3 starts can beat an International team?


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