Halo Wars!

Halo Wars

Halo, the popular Xbox FPS (first person shooting) series, is now on RTS (real time strategy) mode! The RTS form of Halo is called Halo Wars.

Announced by Microsoft at X06, Halo Wars, will be developed under Ensemble Studio, famous for its RTS games, such as the Age of Empires series. Currently, Halo Wars will be developed for Xbox 360 only. PC fans will have something missing in their collection.

Here is the trailer, enjoy!

You can read the full preview by IGN and Gamespot for Halo Wars introduction in X06.


6 thoughts on “Halo Wars!

  1. john

    yea, this looks good.im not sure if its out yet or not, if it is id like to know.it would be good to add to a halo collection

  2. haloFan

    This game look pretty sweet, but to all Halo fans out there this game is not the sequel to the original halo and halo 2. It is just another Halo game that is going to be be awsome to play.


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