Titan Quest 1.20 is out

THQ has released version 1.20 for Titan Quest. Both the incremental patch (from 1.15 to 1.2) and standalone patch(from 1.01 to 1.2) weighs about 15MB. Generally, the patch features many balance tweaks as well as a number of minor bug fixes including single to multiplayer experience.

Below is the change log for this new version, as it is quite a long list, there is only the General section of the patch.
– Fixed Ensnare to work while wielding a staff
– Several skill descriptions updated for clarity
– Fixed particle effect artifacts remaining on the ground when fighting Barmanu

– Fixed Ormenos so that he is no longer invincible if a player does not enter
the combat area and engage him immediately
– Fixed characters freezing when using an item that grants the charge ability
and dual wielding
– Fixed pets occasionally causing boss chests not to open
– Implemented the ability to turn the day/night cycle on and off. Day/night
cycles are currently on by default.
To turn day/night cycle off, go to the My GamesTitan QuestSettings directory
and open the options.txt file after changing any option in game. Find the
setting called “dayNightCycle” and change its value to false. If the setting
does not exist, add the line “dayNightCycle = false” to the end of theoptions.txt file.

… more at Gamespot.


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