Company of Heroes Review

I have tried out the new strategy game, Company of Heroes. This game is definitely worth your bucks!

The gameplay of Company of Heroes revolutionises the controlling of units in the game. In Company of Heroes, if you are controlling infantry units, such as Riflemen, Machine Gunners, Mortars Team or Paratroopers, you do not control individual one of them, you control a squad. Unlike strategy games like Warcraft III : Frozen Throne, Starcraft, Command and Conquer, which requires you to perform precision control of every unit if you want to, this is called micro.

The graphics of the game is also superior, my GeForce 6600 GT can only survive with medium setting. It is recommended to have a 3.0 Ghz Pentium IV or equivalent (I guess at least a AMD Althon64 3000+), 1GB of RAM (I think if you have 2GB, it does help) and a 256MB nVidia Geforce 6800 series or better (for ATi, I think should be a Radeon X800). This requirement will allow a high detail setting for your Company of Heroes.

The campaign is a must try section of the game. The missions are challenging, and you need a clear mind when you are playing the game, distraction will lead you to defeat. Company of Heroes requires you to multitask aggressively. You will get to play and plan like a battalion / company commanders in the army. You cannot afford to slacken down your effort any moment. You need to take over territories, build your troops and vehicles, defend your command posts, scout for enemies movements, fulfill mission objectives all at a time.

Every troops are important to the mission, paratroopers may be the elites infantry units, but mortar teams and MG gunners are important support and defend troops that you will need no matter what. Rangers are gungho infantry units that can perform quick attack on enemies’ units. Tanks and armoured vehicles are important for bashing through enemies forifications with their add-on supports, such as the missiles and MGs. Using the respective units special abilities allows you to take on enemies more easily. For example, you can use riflemen’s sticky bombs to take down a tank.

Coordinatiing the troops movements to the precision will definitely lead to an eventual vistory. Combinations of different units will help to increase the firepowers greatly.

The in game camera view is also one of the superb part of the game. You can pan and zoom in and out of the battlefield to any view. You can even view the battle from the soldier’s prespective, experiencing the battle in the eyes of the soldiers. The sounds of the game is great too, the sounds of the explosions, firing of machines guns, radios signal by the soldiers add to the realism of the game as a whole. When your troops garrsion any buildings, you can see them opening up the windows and shoot from the windows. When mortars penetrates through the building, you can see the roofs collapses. Explosions in any form, whether it is a grenade or a tank shot, you can see it sends soldiers flying, bloods every where.

The realism of the game has given us a better look to the history of World War II. War is never a sight that people likes. If it happens in a PC games, well, it’s ok. This game does the effect of movies like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.

GameSpot has given this game a 9.0 out of 10 in their review. IGN gave 9.4 out of 10. GameBlog will highly recommend this Real Time Strategy to any RTS game fans. For this we, give a 9.8 for Company of Heroes.

Below is the Video Review from IGN, enjoy.


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