Heroes of Might and Magic v1.03 released

Yes! Another patch for this wonderful game has been released. This time round, it features good additions and changes to the game, including a map editor. Please note that some fixes will take effect after a map restart, if loading from a previous save, i.e. You have to restart the map.

Here is the general change log for this 1.03 patch:

Features Added:

  • Map editor


  • new 3 x 3 heroes duel format
  • random heroes selection for duel
  • hero and army information interface

Four new multiplayer maps:

  • “The School”
  • “Allies”
  • “Wind Rose”
  • “No Man’s Land”

Crashes and stability:

  • the game no longer crashes when saved if there is not enough space on the HDD
  • several bugs in the Ghost Mode repaired that made the game “freeze”

For more information on the changes for this version, you can go to Gamespot for the details.

As the official website of Heroes 5 does not display the patch link after some time, I will copy all the links there at GameBlog.

European Standard Edition

European Collectors’ Edition

Digital Downloads

US edition

All US and localized European Editions


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