Nintendo releases Wii on Nov 19; Wii on the way, PS3 hit the walls?

The new Nintendo console, Wii, will release on 19 November, 2 days after the release of PS3 at the shores of America. And 2 Dec at Japan. The console will cost US$250 at America and US$213 at Japan. The Wii in Japan will not bundled with Wii Sports unlike the America’s version.

25 games will be available during the launch at America, while 16 games will be available in the other part of the World.

PS3 is due to release on 17 November, but the entire America is going to divide the 400,000 sets of PS3 available during the release. However the number of Wii available during the release is far more than PS3. As the holiday season is getting nearer, the number of consoles to ship worldwide need to be increase in order to meet the high demands of next generation consoles. Nintendo will ship about 4 millions consoles by the end of the year, almost double of what Sony will ship for PS3.

Moreover, the prices of the 2 new next generation consoles are of much difference. PS3 costs double of a single Wii. Price of the console does make a difference sometimes.

When it comes to the contents of the consoles, I think that PS3 may take the advantage due to its popularity with famous game developers and highly-anticipated games such as Final Fantasy XIII. But the price of PS3 makes casual gamers think twice about investing on this powerful monster.


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