DotA Allstars 6.37 AI

This new version 6.37 AI was released very quickly after the release of original 6.37. I wonder how to AI fare in this version. I got to try it out too. You guys can download it too, and post your comments on this version of AI here.

Here is the download link.

DotA Allstars 6.37 AI #1


92 thoughts on “DotA Allstars 6.37 AI

  1. alex

    the ai heroes are more agressive and a bit intelligent which is good and challenging.players wont just underestimate the ai heroes.i would like to recommend that ai heroes would also buy items from level 4 shop and defend towers.thanks and hope you would inform me if there is a new version…

  2. Gorlomin

    Drow’s ult (when played by AI) works to one hit heros as well as creeps. The AI don’t defend lanes you break through, usually the game ends less than 5 minutes after I break through just one lane. They will even walk past creeps attacking their frozen throne tower to go who knows where.
    AI’s cheat(map hacks, stand on top of you while you are invisible, bonus xp, etc) which can make them hard occassionally, but extremely easy to defeat because of before mentioned problems.

  3. random

    Im always the first blood. Damn!! too strong just 1 insane!!! In 6.33 i can handle 4 insanes…:(

    god you must suck in dota to be first blooded by AI…. yes i agree the Ai is very easy to handle, wtf mode the Ai just dont spam their skills

  4. Kenneth

    bat may na sa dotahomer panget…. lang kwenta hirap tuloy mag download dati wala yun eh… tanggalin na yun….. sana ganda yung 6.37 ai… malakas ba tung ai na toh? baka lang kwenta toh? hehehe malakas ak ehh

  5. Alt+159(x)=xAlt+253

    ~when venge become ur enemy, just with ordinary inventory it can crash down the tower in 5-6 shoots. Yaiks!

    ~-random command doesnt work, it will only choose the same hero.

    ~AI doesn’t care about their home, even when their home is attacked. They will come back if and only if they have just revived at altar 😛

  6. ZZ

    hey, maybe i’m 2 strong or wad!!!
    the AIs’ are too stupid and stubborn….
    i can 1st blood them in 2 min!!!
    wahaha, easy job….
    juz like eating biscuits

  7. the.exocutioner

    oops mispelled
    where to get dota ai 6.37? and by the way my sis is driving me crazy help some tips to shut her up lol?

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  9. Onin

    u nid 2 be aware in every heroes dat ur fighting wid… and know their weakness…
    pra first blood kagad…ÜÜÜ

  10. ellop

    hello somebody help me pleas…i juz install my warcraft 3 : frozen throne n also adding dota map, suddenly i discover that the ai does not pick any heroes, y is dat hapening????sumone help pleaseee

  11. Alt+159(x)=xAlt+253

    Lots of BUGS:
    ~I played rylai and when i make ultimate, it didn’t stop! No mana lost, but the ice was spreaded everywhere until the GAME was over! (Triple Kill was not difficult to reach:p)

    ~There somewhere in the leftmost side of the map, a white blank. a vague one

    ~Sometimes (often!) allied AI stuck and just stand, surrounded by enemy’s creep and die unfairly! (usually it was the fool Venge)

    ~Allied AI doesn’t respond to Alt+G (Ground sign)

    ~You’ve already had Aghanim, and you died in Deathmatch mode. Next, you got Lina Inverse. Aghanim gives no effect on Lina’s lightning! dunno why…

    If you want to play fairly, I suggest you choose -dmnpar mode :)!

    Or you can go back to 6.33 AI, where AI was so kind that share their Saphire bottle to us!

  12. LordMelkor

    How do you do -wtf mode in 6.37 AI when just playing bots.. or maybe 2 human players and bots, cuz wtf mode needs 5 votes to work…

  13. DOtaNewbie

    i thought that the AI bots are quite noobish..zz the bots r so dumb that when u walk past them they wont care to att even ur lifepoint is as low as 50!? i could handle 5 insanes at 1 go and complete the game at 10mins or nt bragging u can add me in bnet my name is Pr0x

  14. Squatter

    +In 6.36b ai-1.92 Bots Play better,Even better+
    +that 6.32b ai. Try It.++++++++++++++++++++++++

  15. neponovljivi_vk

    I install frozen throne and warcraft III and I download and dota map v6.37 and how to I play it


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