Alternatives to games: Online Web-based games

Sometimes it is good to get out of those graphics-intensive games such as F.E.A.R and Prey, or those action-packed games that keeps your nerves active at all times, such as Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Also if you are tired of “walking” or “flying around” in World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, or even feel frustrated when unable to complete a quest in RPG games, it’s time to rest or take a step back so that you can find yourself back in the reality as the person your friends and family know of.

A much more relaxing way to play games is to play online web-based games, which does not requires your constant attention for hours in a day. Sometimes you really do not need to even log on to check. Below is some of the online web-based games that gathered my attention recently due to its short time commitment daily. On top of all the good points above, you can play these games any where wherever you are, you just need an Internet access.

Sports game (Alternatives to Football Manager or Championship Manager):

  1. Hattrick *
  2. Fantasy Premier League
  3. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
  4. Fantasy Football (Currently unavailable)


  1. Kings Of Chaos *
  2. Utopia
  3. Earth 2025

Car tuning

  1. Kingtuner (currently down)

Use your brain to think

  1. the wicked
  2. Sudoku

Currently these are the games that I heard of. If you have any web-based games to recommend, please kindly submit them via the comments.

The games with an asterisks beside them are the games that I’m currently engaging in. If you do play these games, you can comment too.


One thought on “Alternatives to games: Online Web-based games

  1. David

    Another fun game is The Five Pillars, a browser based game where you can start a Mage and you get a small piece of land to begin with. Then you build your land and use spells etc to battle other mages. It’s pretty cool.

    I also play the Fantasy Football. I would recommend getting into it if you are a football fan.


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