DotA Allstars 6.36 New Heroes

DotA Allstars 6.36 has been released for a few days. For regular dotarians, you will realise that there is 2 new heroes added into the taverns. I’m going to introduce all of you to the 2 new heroes, right now.


AlchemistRazzil Darkbrew- Alchemist
Primary Attributes: Strength
Dmg/Armour @ Level 1: 58-67/3.4
Strength/Intelligence/Agility @ Level 1: 26/17/17

Heroes abilities
Acid Spray Acid Spray – Sprays high-pressure acid across a target area.
ostile units who step across the contaminated terrain take physical damage per second and have their armor reduced.
Lasts 12 seconds.

Level 1 – 10 damage per second, reduces armor by 4.
Level 2 – 20 damage per second, reduces armor by 5.
Level 3 – 30 damage per second, reduces armor by 6.
Level 4 – 40 damage per second, reduces armor by 8.

Unstable ConcoctionUnstable Concoction – Taking a few moments to shake up some chemical vials,
the Alchemist lobs one at the target,
stunning it based on how long he shook it up.

Level 1 – Up to 2 seconds channel.
Level 2 – Up to 3 seconds channel.
Level 3 – Up to 4 seconds channel.
Level 4 – Up to 5 seconds channel.

Goblin's GreedGoblin’s Greed – The Goblin converts the creep’s corpse into gold.
You get more gold for every extra creep you killed in the last 20 seconds.
Cap of 36 extra gold.
Level 1 – 2 bonus gold per enemy, 1 successive bonus gold.
Level 2 – 4 bonus gold per enemy, 2 successive bonus gold.
Level 3 – 6 bonus gold per enemy, 3 successive bonus gold.
Level 4 – 8 bonus gold per enemy, 4 successive bonus gold.

Chemical RageChemical Rage – The Alchemist causes his Ogre to enter a chemically induced rage reducing base attack cooldown and increasing hitpoints and regeneration.
Lasts 20 seconds.

Level 1 – 1.45 Base Attack Rate and 200 Bonus HP and Regeneration.
Level 2 – 1.3 Base Attack Rate and and 400 Bonus HP and Regeneration.
Level 3 – 1.25 Base Attack Rate and 600 Bonus HP and Regeneration.

WarlockDemnok Lannik – Warlock
Primary Attribute – Intelligence
Dmg/Armour @ Level 1: 46-56/2.4
Strength/Intelligence/Agility @ Level 1: 18/10/24

Hero Abilities
Fatal Bonds Fatal Bonds – Bonds up to 5 enemy units together,
causing damage dealt to any of them to be partially felt by the others.
Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 1 – 6% damage to linked units.
Level 2 – 12% damage to linked units.
Level 3 – 18% damage to linked units.
Level 4 – 24% damage to linked units.

Shadow WordShadow Word – A single word causes powerful magics to envelop the target. Creates a healing mechanism on a friendly target or damages an unfriendly one. Does not dispel on attack.
Lasts 8 seconds.

Level 1 – Heals 10 or damages 10 hit points per second.
Level 2 – Heals 20 or damages 20 hit points per second.
Level 3 – Heals 30 or damages 30 hit points per second.
Level 4 – Heals 40 or damages 40 hit points per second.

UpheavalUpheaval (Channeling) – Stirs up inert magic in a target area, channeling the force into a powerful slowing current that grows more powerful with every passing second it’s channeled. Can channel up to 10 seconds and up to 84% slow.

Level 1 – Slows by 7% per second.
Level 2 – Slows by 14% per second.
Level 3 – Slows by 21% per second.
Level 4 – Slows by 28% per second.

Rains of ChaosRain of Chaos – Calls an Infernal down from the sky, dealing 100 damage and stunning nearby enemies for 1 second. The infernal lasts 45 seconds, takes reduced damage from spells, has Permanent Immolation and a chance to Pulverize an area on attack.

Level 1 – Summons an Infernal with weak Pulverize and average attack.
Level 2 – Summons an Infernal with a mighty Pulverize and powerful attack.
Level 3 – Summons an Infernal with a devastating Pulverize and deadly attack.

As these 2 heroes are new, you guys can post your own build in the comments below, and let’s share the experience of playing with these 2 heroes.


5 thoughts on “DotA Allstars 6.36 New Heroes

  1. bryan

    Alchemist – a hero which i think is a good pusher. If no one taken care of this hero which is your enemy in the beginning, then you people will suffer in the end. It makes alot of money very fast after mid of the game (with battle fury). is not really a good idea to give this hero such benefit as he has chemical rage which makes him hard to get kill as well. the acid spray i think is a bit thick haze which i think no point to block our visibility from our screen for that. i think this hero sooner or later will makes me feel bored with this version.
    This hero which i think need to be re-adjust and i suggest the goblin’s greed abilities to be taken out.
    A late game damage dealer, tank.

    warlock – quite fair to have this new hero. have a few new abilities which is fresh. is a good supporting hero. no much to comment about this hero.


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