Greatest games of all time


The greatest games of all time belongs to……… (drum roll) ………. Final Fantasy VII, as featured by Gamespot in their review.

In my opinion, I think that this is one of the best game I played so far in my life. Considering the gameplay, story development, characters and graphics (at that moment of time, not now), Final Fantasy VII simply exceed expectations of many gamers.

Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 for PlayStation and PC by Squaresoft, now Square Enix. Produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi, directed by Yoshionori Kitase, character designed by Tetsuya Nomura. Tetsuya Nomura is also the character designer for several games under Square Enix, such as Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X series, Final Fantasy XI and Kingdoms Hearts. He directed the CGI animated movie, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children.

Final Fantasy VII was one of the few games in the market at that time with more than 1 playable discs.

Here is the tech demo for Final Fantasy VII:

There is a previous post that I talked about this remake of FFVII for PS3 in CGI instead of the squarish looking Cloud Strife and Tifa. How cool will that be? I looking forward to this remake. Hope that Square Enix will not disappoint the Final Fantasy fans around the globe.

Let’s us look forward to Final Fantasy VII remake for PS3 and Final Fantasy XIII.


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