Age of Empires III 1.08 patch released

One of the most successful strategy game from Microsoft has just released its 1.08 patch. Below is the change log for this new patch.

Age of Empires III retail patches v1.08 Patch 1.08 – Balance changes, Quick Search and bug fixes


– Quick Search now allows players to determine the Home City tier and Power Rating level of their opponents
– Power Ratings will now decay over time

– Numerous changes to Civilizations’ special bonuses
– Numerous balance changes
– Fixed an exploit that would refund the Home City shipment after sending mercenaries
– Changed a line of dialogue from the Campaign which was found to be derogatory
– Changing teams on ESO will now unready all players
– When a player clicks to delete a Home City, the default will now be

– Fixed an issue where Quick Search was not matching people using Power Rating
– Added separators to very large numbers to make them more readable
– Clan page on ESO now properly displays the last online date for clan members

You can download this patch from the following website.

  1. Ensemble Studios
  2. GameSpot
  3. FileForum

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