PSP 2.80 firmware upgrade

The hottest gadget, PlayStation Portable, has a new update to its famous firmware. Sony has just released version 2.80 firmware, with the following features,


  • Able to download videos and images in [RSS Channel] now.
  • You can register devices under [LocationFree Player] using a wireless access point


  • Able to play AAC files with *.3gp extension


  • [Automatic] has been added into [Network Setting] > [Infrastructure Mode] as an option.


  • Support for use of files stored under [MUSIC], [VIDEO] and [PICTURE] folders at root level has been added.

Check out a more comprehensive update on this new firmware at

Although new firmware are good for normal usage, but enthusiastics usually do not prefer to have such updates. PSP homebrews has been a hot topic since its release, the ability to utilise fully the function of PSP is the dream of all PSP users. New firmwares does not allow such homebrews to run on PSP.

For more info, check out the above website for more information. PSP rocks!


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