Final Fantasy XIII

The new upcoming Final Fantasy sequel, looks damn cool. It will be released for the soon-to-be-arriving Sony PlayStation 3. There are rumours that PS3 will be released at the end of this year. So get hold of your money now, if you are a great fan for PlayStation.

I haven’t been playing Final Fantasy games ever since FFVIII, because I do not own a PS2, so I couldn’t play FFIX or FFX. This FFXIII looks very futuristic, character design is similar to FFVII, FFVIII, FFX (in my opinion).

FFXIII will be released with 3 versions, FFXIII and FF Versus XIII (for PS3) and FF Agito XIII for cell phones. Looks like game developers are trying to tap into the mobile gaming market. Mobile phones nowadays are more powerful than those Pentium I or II already.

What is more cool about Square Enix, is the tech demo they released for Final Fantasy VII, the demo for PS3 is simiar to the Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. Imagine you playing the game with these graphics, WOW! There are rumours that they are remaking FFVII for PS3… Hope so.


One thought on “Final Fantasy XIII

  1. cell-phone

    Hi, everybody!

    I heard that the long-awaited PAL version of Final Fantasy XII will be heading to Europe, Australia and other PAL-based parts of the world come early 2007. The latest installment in the best-selling series of epic RPG titles has been out in Japan since March, and will hit North America at the end of October.

    Once again, PAL gamers have been left in the cold it would seem, whilst NTSC areas are looked after first… still, at least we know when it’s going to be out now. More over, it does look rather good, the developer describing it as the ‘crowning glory’ of the PS2 format which it will be exclusively available on. The new RPG will be set in the world of Ivalice, and will see Ashe and Vaan brought together to fight after their homeland is invaded.

    We’re told to expect real-time combat, unlike past Final Fantasy outings, with Square Enix introducing ‘active dimension battle’, which will see you lining-up commands to be executed in battle, once a time gauge has filled. Or something. More on this as we get it.


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