First post. What is GameBlog?

This is the first post for this upcoming new gaming blog. This blog is not just a blog, but it is a informative web site that provides informations to the growing gaming community about what is going on in the gaming world.

Why blog? Because blogging is a very popular media element in the online world, it allows bloggers to share their experience through words, pictures and videos. I believe that playing game is a valuable experience. People may think that games are for children and teenagers, but they are wrongs. MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, MapleStory are games that attract gamers from all stages of life. Executives, professionals and even homemakers do play these games.

My intention to set up this website is to allow gamers to get news first hand by using this website. I will try to update the website as frequently as possible, in order to benefits the gaming community.

I hope that you guys do revisit this website soon again to check out the updates for some popular games (for now) coming soon to this website.


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